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As a community focused on bringing out our best human qualities through meditation, we maintain a high standard for discourse. We welcome all relevant, respectful comments, and reserve the right to delete comments and ban users as needed to keep the conversation kind and meaningful.

Here’s what we love to see in comments:

  • Your experience, opinions, wisdom, and humor that contribute to the discussion.

  • Sincere questions on meditation topics and techniques.

  • Useful, constructive criticism. From typos to historical fact, if you think we got something wrong, let us know and we will correct it.

  • Don’t feed fights. Don’t waste time responding to aggressively negative comments, downvote and flag them instead.

These kind of comments will be removed, and serious offenders may be banned or deleted:

  • Comments unrelated to the post or episode. 

  • Impersonating authors or other commenters.

  • Threats — no matter how vague — against the author or other commenters.

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, personal attacks, etc.

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