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How to Train a Happy Mind

With a foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


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Skeptic’s Path Podcast host Scott Snibbe’s first book, How to Train a Happy Mind: A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment, is out on March 12, 2024! Published by Penguin Random House in the U.S. and Watkins in the U.K., you can order the print, e-book, or audiobook on the links above, or wherever you buy books.


Eager to share the life-enhancing benefits he found in Buddhism, skeptic Scott Snibbe presents this 8-step program that allows anyone to build positive mental habits. Inspired by the ancient Buddhist path to enlightenment yet firmly grounded in modern science, How to Train a Happy Mind is the first mainstream book to show how you can achieve happiness using analytical meditation. Working in much the same way as cognitive behavioural therapy, analytical meditation goes beyond the calm-inducing practice of mindfulness to actively train the brain through easy-to-follow narrative visualizations.

Breaking the path down into concise steps and written in a relatable tone with plenty of references to popular culture, this is the ideal book if you recognize your mind as both the source of your problems and the source of your solutions.


“This book is a clear, well-lit path through the tangled thickets of psychological and spiritual ideas, tools, and advice—and it takes you directly to greater resilience, happiness, love and inner peace. Honest and helpful, this book is a gem.”
—Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Hardwiring Happiness, Neurodharma, and Buddha’s Brain

“At last someone gives a simple and clear introduction, for regular spiritual seekers like any of us, to the most important of all meditations—beyond the healthy calm, the deeply transformative analysis to discover the reality of it all!”
—Robert Thurman, Ph.D., author of Inner Revolution, Essential Tibetan Buddhism and The Tibetan Book of the Dead

“Scott Snibbe has done a marvellous job of interpreting the timeless wisdom of Buddhist masters for a contemporary audience. How to Train a Happy Minddistills the essential points of classic lamrim (path to enlightenment) teachings in innovative and often humorous ways, including clear and practical instructions on how to begin meditating on these beneficial instructions.”
—Venerable Kathleen McDonald (Sangye Khadro), author of How to Meditate

“The real test of a book is whether, when you have finished, you can put it to use in your life. Scott Snibbe’s book passes this test with flying colours—it is specifically designed to convey methods that can be put to use, and it does that with a really impressive clarity.  I’ve found it helpful—I’m paying attention in new ways—maybe it’s better to say I’m giving attention. It feels good. I suggest you give it a try!”
—Kim Stanley Robinson, author of The Ministry for the Future and Red Mars

The author has donated all profits from this book to the Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment non-profit organization

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