A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment Podcast

Meditation Podcast Episodes

A guided analytical meditation inspired by Tibetan Buddhism’s Lamrim Stages of the Path that’s a mental adventure to begin your day.
Meditating on renunciation gains a clear sense of our deluded state of mind right now, with many moments of frustration and anger and impatience and craving; turning away from these to the true source of refuge we find within our own mind.
What do The Matrix and Jerry Seinfeld have to do with renouncing suffering?
A meditation on what suffering is and how to apply mental antidotes that oppose the true source of suffering: our attachment, anger, and self-centered ignorance.
Am I just a little bit more important than everyone else? My happiness, my goals, my relationships? This view, from the Buddhist perspective, is the root cause of our suffering, a delusion called ignorance.
What do you do when you’re alone? When you’re anxious, lonely, or afraid, when you feel strong craving? The Buddhist view on this subject reveals a deep source of strength and support within our own minds that’s available any time we need it.



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