Meditation Podcast Episodes

The Buddhist meditation on equanimity teaches us a technique of “spiritual democracy” for developing healthy feelings of connection to others—even those we most despise.
Venerable Robina Courtin, Buddhist nun and advocate for prisoner’s rights, on how activists can leverage meditation and mind training, how Buddhism functions as a science of the mind, and how being a Buddhist doesn’t mean being a pushover.
A guided meditation on fighting the systemic racism against Black Americans through compassionate action.
A guided analytical meditation inspired by Tibetan Buddhism’s Lamrim Stages of the Path that’s a mental adventure to begin your day.
Meditating on renunciation gains a clear sense of our deluded state of mind right now, with many moments of frustration and anger and impatience and craving; turning away from these to the true source of refuge we find within our own mind.
What do The Matrix and Jerry Seinfeld have to do with renouncing suffering?



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