A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment Podcast

Meditation Podcast Episodes

Mark Westmoquette talks about the meaty topic of dealing with difficult people, who he calls “troublesome Buddhas,” from our boss to our partner to world leaders and that person who takes your parking space.
What do you do when you’re alone? When you’re scared, anxious, lonely, afraid, or feeling strong craving? In our guided meditation we explore the Buddhist view on this subject and discuss how to reveal a deep source of strength and refuge within our own minds.
Lorne Ladner leads a loving-kindness meditation with themes of connection, gratitude, and warmth. This practice focuses on the experience of receiving and giving love.
Buddhist psychologist Lorne Ladner on his patients' top questions, the difference between selfishness and self-compassion, setting healthy boundaries, and treating depression with Buddhist psychology.
Catholic priest and Benedictine monk Father Laurence Freeman discusses the role of community, meditation, contemplation, and science in his life. He emphasizes his trust in humanity and the importance of wonder in our daily lives.
Christian Scholar Greg Hillis speaks on the parallels between Christianity and Buddhism, the possibility of universal love, and social activism that respects those we disagree with.



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