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Meditation Podcast Episodes

Buddhist family counselor Richard Prinz leads a meditation on equanimity for teens and parents to develop compassion, introspection, love, and non-attachment.
Buddhist family counselor Richard Prinz talks about ways parents can transform their minds while helping teens transform themselves.
Francesca Hampton leads a loving-kindness meditation suitable for kids and adults alike. This practice helps the mind become calm, loving, and clear.
Francesca Hampton discusses her children's book Leo Learns to Meditate that teaches kids mindfulness, loving-kindness, and how to keep meditation fun.
Robert Thurman discusses his book Wisdom Is Bliss, which talks about Buddhism as a direct experience that reveals the pure joy of reality.
Rob Preece leads a Buddhist tantra meditation on Green Tara. This powerful feminine figure is an expression of our own potential for compassionate, wisdom energy.

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