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Dr. Rick Hanson’s Five Breaths Meditation

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This week we have a special guided meditation that Dr. Rick Hanson has recently developed based on neuroscientific principles that he calls Five Breaths. Dr. Hanson talked about this meditation in last week’s interview with us. And here he is now to guide you through it.

I’m Rick Hanson and this is a meditation on five kinds of breaths.

To begin, find a posture that is comfortable and alert. Taking your place, feeling the ground beneath you, establishing yourself here and now.

Be aware of your body. Sensations from your feet to your head.

Becoming aware of breathing.

We’ll explore five kinds of breaths. It’s okay to go at your own pace and to adapt my suggestions to whatever is good for you. And if there is anything uncomfortable about being aware of breathing for you, as there can be for many people, including those who’ve had trauma in their history, feel free to be aware of something else, such as the room around you, or more general feelings that seem wholesome and nurturing and true for you.

So to begin, first breath Breathing While Feeling your Chest as a Whole.

Sensations on the left and the right and left and right together.

Or a few moments here breathing while feeling your chest as a whole.

In the second breath, Breathing While Feeling Caring, keeping it simple, focusing on the feelings of being with beings, who you care about, feel like you have compassion for, maybe you appreciate your respect, even love, Breathing while Feeling Caring.

You can be aware of sensations in the area of your heart, even putting a hand on your heart Breathing while Feeling Caring.

In the third breath, Breathing while Feeling Cared About, this might be a little more challenging. Keeping it simple, disengaging from any complex stories or reactions and focusing on the simple sense of being with others who like you or include you, or appreciate you, or respect you, or even love you; beings in your life today; being in your past, What’s it feel like to feel cared about? Breathing while Feeling Cared About.

In this meditation, there’s an awareness of the body. And in particular, an awareness of breathing while also feeling things like caring and being cared about.

And the fourth breath, Breathing while Feeling Peaceful, allowing a calming to move through your body, allowing a calming to move through your mind, letting go of anxieties, Breathing while Feeling Peaceful.

And in the fifth breath, Breathing while Feeling Content; with a sense of thankfulness, appreciation of what is enough already; knowing you can still get things done and pursue your goals while feeling content. Breathing while Feeling Content.

And resting in a general sense of feeling warm-hearted, peaceful, and content.


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