A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment Podcast

Meditation Podcast Episodes

Ayya Dhammadipa leads a 12-minute meditation on empathetic joy, also known as mudita. This practice is one of the four immeasurables.
Ayya Dhammadipa spoke with us about her unique path to becoming a nun and the power of generosity, going beyond mindfulness, and motherhood.
Author, mother and meditation teacher Jenna Hollenstein offers an engaged form of mindfulness and compassion that mothers can practice in everyday life as a Mommysattva: a warrior of compassion, wisdom, and lovingkindness.
Soto Zen Teacher Ben Connelly leads a guided meditation integrating two ways of meditating in the spirit of the Yogacara tradition of Buddhism.
Soto Zen Teacher Ben Connelly on the relationship between science and reality, whether karma really exists, and how to be a Buddhist activist.
Lifelong human rights activist, writer, and Buddhist practitioner Kiri Westby guides us through a 10-minute guided meditation for fear, drawing upon her days working in war zones and her harrowing imprisonment in China.



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