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Mindful Awareness Meditation with Michael Sapiro

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Dr. Michael Sapiro leads a guided meditation on mindful awareness that connects you with the present moment and your senses.

[00:00:00] Dr. Michael Sapiro: Everybody, I’d like to invite you to—even with your eyes open for a moment—to drop your attention into your body. Just bringing your mind’s awareness into the body with your eyes open.

Feeling the sensations of the body sitting on the chair or a couch before closing your eyes. From this awareness of the body, let’s gently close our eyes and feel your mind sinking into the body, the chest, or the belly.

Bring your mind’s attention into the body and feel the body from the inside out.

Feel the position and posture of the body.

Where are the hands, arms, legs, and feet?

What’s your posture like?

As a group, let’s take a deep breath into the body and sigh.

Let’s take another deep, slow breath in, and sigh.

Feel the body’s response.

Begin to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose, throat, lungs, into the belly. And back out from the belly, lungs, throat, and out the nose.

Bring your mind’s attention to the body breathing.

Feel the body breathing. Feel the body expand with breath. Feel the body relaxing, releasing on the exhale.

If the mind wanders, as it tends to do, gently guide its attention back into the body. Rest your mind on the body breathing.

Become aware of the sensations of the body: tingling, shimmering, shaking, vibrating, pulsating.

Let your mind wander from sensation to sensation.

Popping up anywhere in the hands, the legs, the face. Become aware of the sensation of the skin.

Feel the sensation of the skin, the tingling, vibrating of the skin around the body.

Be aware of the air touching the skin, the temperature, and density of the air touching the skin.

Feel into the space around the body, the pocket of air, the energy around the body.

Extend your awareness beyond the body, into the room.

Feel into the room around your body, the corners of the room, the floor, and the ceiling.

Sense the room, the feeling of the room.

Feel what’s alive in the room, sounds, light, and color.

Extend your awareness beyond the room to the environment around you, the house, or the building to the street.

You can imagine what you see. You can imagine trees, cars, sidewalk people, and you can sense all of those things in your awareness, sounds, light, life living itself.

Be aware of your environment, the room, your body.

Now bring your attention to your own heart beating.

Bring your mind’s attention to the heartbeat.

In the chest, throat, behind the eyes. Feel the radiant sensation of the heart beating.

Each beat like a beacon or a drum. Feel each beat like a wave, arising, cresting, and falling back into spacious silence.

Feel each wave of the heart emerging from stillness, and returning to stillness.

Rest your mind in the stillness between the beats. Rest your mind in being. Just be.

Just be.

Take a slow, deep breath here, into the heart, and exhale.

Simply be aware of life living itself through you and around you.

Without losing this embodied presence, gently open the eyes.

Another nice, deep breath.

Take this with you into the rest of your day or evening or night.

Thank you.


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