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Tantric Meditation on Compassion and Wisdom with Rob Preece

green tara art

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Rob Preece leads a Buddhist tantra meditation on Green Tara. This powerful feminine figure is an expression of our own potential for compassionate, wisdom energy.

(This meditation is part two of our interview with Rob Preece)

Awareness of the breath and body

[00:00:00] Rob Preece: Let’s begin by coming back to the natural rising and falling of the breath. And with an awareness of the quality of the out breath, begin to rest and settle into the body. 

As you begin to settle into the body become aware of feelings, sensations around the body, with a real sense of inhabiting your body, being present in your body.

Whatever is there in your body allow it to be as it is. Don’t judge it and don’t push it away, don’t come grasp at it, just give it space to be as it is, without getting involved in stories around it.

Just quietly resting in the body, as you breathe.

And as you settle in the body, let your awareness begin to become more open and spacious.

Lotus visualization

white lotus with pink edges

So within that space of awareness, in this space before you, at the level of the forehead, there arises an eight-petaled white lotus with a pink radiance to it. Don’t make that lotus too big, nor too small, find a good size in your awareness.

Resting in the center of the lotus is a circular white moon disk, lying flat; and standing in the center of the moon disc is a green flame.

The flame has a Sanskrit syllable at its heart, at its center. It’s the syllable Tam, but don’t worry too much about that.

Light radiates out from the flame, out into the space around. And it invites the essence of all the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion in the aspect of millions of tiny droplets of green light energy.

Each of those droplets contains a tiny Green Tara. These droplets absorb back into the flame, like a green rainfall.

Green Tara

green tara meditation art

The flame blazes with light and suddenly transforms into the aspect of Ārya Tara, Green Tara.

Her body is green in color, she’s seated with her right leg stepping down onto a secondary Lotus and her left foot is held in closely.

Her right hand is placed upon the right knee with the palm facing towards you. Then she holds between thumb and first finger the stem of a blue lotus flower, which blooms at the left side of her head.

The left hand is held at the heart and she holds between thumb and ring finger the stem of another blue Lotus flower blooming at the left side of her head.

She’s dressed in robes of silk and ornaments of gold and precious jewels. Her hair is tied in a topknot and is loose across the shoulders and is adorned with flowers and strings of pearls. And she has a crown of five jewels on her forehead.

Tara smiles with open, interested eyes, like a loving mother for her only child, surrounded by an aura of moonlight.

Awakening our Buddha potential

So to you, precious Tara, who is the essence of our own innate Buddha potential, inseparable from that of all the Buddhas. You’re the embodiment of wisdom and compassion manifesting in the world to liberate sentient beings from suffering; to you we go for refuge.

We request you to bestow your blessing, to support us in our life, to be there for us, to enable us to gradually awaken to our Buddha potential so that we can manifest this in our lives, for the welfare of others.

In Tara’s heart is a moon disc with the green flame and at its center is the syllable tongue and around the flame syllables are the mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha.

And from her heart, a vibrant green light of wisdom, energy begins to emanate, a light of love, of compassion, and wisdom.

It comes into your heart, healing and opening your heart, and filling your body with vibrant green light energy, blessing your body, speech, and mind.

green northern lights

And if there’s something that you particularly need to heal or transform in your body, in your emotional life, then this wisdom energy helps that to heal and clear.

Receiving compassion and wisdom

So as much as you can, allow yourself to receive this light of compassion and wisdom emanating from the heart of Tara into you.

And as you do that, you begin to hear the sound of the mantra emanating from Tara’s heart, which I will chant. If you wish, you can join in to receive that quality of Tara’s energy into you.


Rest in the quiet space of awareness that remains.

And noticing any particular felt sense or feeling quality that is also there in your body.

Become aware again of the radiant presence of Tara in the space before you.

She comes to the crown of your head and becomes smaller and smaller, to sense through your crown, to become seated in your heart’s chakra, blessing your heart, mind.

And have the sense that she embodies your innate Buddha quality, your Buddha potential, abiding in the heart and from the heart;

green light radiates out, filling your body and blessing your body, speech, and mind.

Perhaps we can finish by dedicating the positive energy we developed through this meditation. May it enable us to awaken to our Tara nature, our Buddha potential, so that we can be of value to serve the welfare of others, to help them also awaken to their Buddha potential.

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