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Tara Meditation on Hope—Ven. Robina Courtin

venerable robina courtin guided meditation

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Venerable Robina Courtin guides a beautiful Tara meditation on hope that uses visualization and Buddhist teachings.

Ven. Robina Courtin: People, just relax, feel that this is a very natural activity. Don’t think, Oh, I’m meditating, it’s special. It’s just using our minds.

We’re using our minds to think a certain way, and because every thought counts. That’s very optimistic, every thought counts. Having these five minutes of positive thoughts, imagining positive things is very beneficial for our mind, can be very uplifting.

Buddha Tara

We’ll just imagine in front of us this embodiment of the enlightened qualities, Buddha. It’s in this form, a female form, and so imagine this person, very radiant, very beautiful. She’s sitting on a multicolored lotus and her left leg is drawn in like in meditation. Her right leg, she’s sitting, it’s resting on another little multicolored lotus in a sort of relaxed posture, ready to hop up to help others because she represents optimism and action energy.

tara buddha art buddhism
Source: Buddha Weekly

Female energy is often depicted in that way, action energy, get things done, cut through the obstacles, make things happen, be successful. We all need that badly, and her name is Tara, in Tibetan Liberator, she’s known as Liberator. She’s kind of got green light, and this is meant to be action energy.

Imagine she’s got green light body, very radiant, very beautiful face, so beautiful. She’s got one hand on her right knee, the fingers pointing up, and she’s holding the stem of a blue utpala flower, blue lotus. It blooms at her right ear and the hand is pointing upwards in this gesture or mudra of giving, of generosity.

Her left hand at her heart, her fingers pointing up, and she’s holding the stem of another blue utpala flower that blooms at her left ear. This is in the mudra or gesture of enlightenment, I think.

A mirror image of your potential

Everything’s beautiful. She’s radiantly beautiful in these lovely silken kind of clothes. Everything’s made of light. Her face is so beautiful, and you see her sitting there in front of you, about eye level, and she’s sitting on this multicolored lotus. You think she’s a mirror image of your own potential.

She’s showing you what you can become. It’s beautiful. It’s positive, optimistic, compassionate, full of action energy, full of ability to make things happen, be successful, cut through the obstacles. Imagine she represents that. Now you just imagine, she sends from her brow, these radiant laser beams of white light that enter your brow, penetrating and filling your body completely.

You imagine this white light, these laser beams, completely purify all the aches and pains of your body, the heaviness of this body of ours that we find so difficult sometimes. Also think it purifies anything with all the imprints in our mind from anything we’ve ever done to harm others in the past, we’ve forgotten about probably, and it purifies all of that and fills us with this white light.

We imagine now it fills us with this marvelous potential to only be able to benefit others with our body. Imagine that, full of this radiant white light, purifying all the nonsense and filling our body with this light, filling us, and the body is light and can imagine it can only benefit others.

Imagine that, full of this blissful white light. Thinking now, whoever sees us and hears us and smells us and touches us, the birds, the ants, the humans, they can only be benefited from, by my body. Can you imagine that? How incredible. Full of this blissful white light.

Now you imagine, from her throat, she sends these radiant laser beams of red light that enter your throat, penetrate, and fill you, and completely purify all the nonsense of our speech. Sometimes we don’t know what we’re saying. We say crazy things. We can’t explain things properly.

We feel ashamed of our speech, or embarrassed, or our speech that’s lies, or speculation, or angry speech, or harmful speech, all the harm we’ve ever done with our speech.

To other sentient beings, imagine all of this completely purified, full of this blissful red light, all the nonsense purified, gone, full of this red light.

Now you think that whatever you say, even your laugh, even just saying good morning can only be of benefit to whoever hears you. Can you imagine? We need this, speech is so powerful. We want people to believe us. We want to be of benefit to others. Even just if you smile at a person, say hello, think it will be of benefit to them.

All the birds as well, and the animals, and the humans who hear you. How amazing that you can only benefit others now with your speech, full of this potential, and this blissful red light.

Now you imagine Buddha Tara compassionately sends radiant beams of blue light, blue like the sky, from her heart in the center of her chest, penetrating our heart, filling us completely with this radiant blue light. What this does is purify instantly all the pain and misery of our minds, attachment, neediness, anger, pain, jealousy, resentment, anxiety, despair, and depression.

Our pure nature

buddha nature woman in white meditating with white light

These are not at the core of our being. This is what’s amazing. They’re there, they cause pain and suffering, but they’re not intrinsic to us. They don’t define us. We can eventually rid our minds totally.

Imagine this blue light totally purifying, instantly filling you, annihilating all this nonsense that is not at the core of our being, that does not define us. Imagine this, how incredible, such a relief, all of this blissful blue light. All the delusions gone, all the nonsense gone.

Now imagine what’s left. If that’s all gone, what’s left? What’s left is all the qualities that are at the core of our being. Our love, contentment, fulfillment, self-confidence, clarity, joy, compassion, and kindness. These are what define us. It’s a feeling full of this marvellous potential of our own mind, this blissful blue light.

The bonus of all this is joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Imagine, joy, this is the bonus. These are who we really are. This is our natural state. Be so joyful, full of this blissful blue light, this marvellous potential.

Now imagine that the multicoloured lotus that Tara is sitting on, dissolves into her body, into light. Then you imagine she comes and sits above our crown, facing the same way as us, radiant green lady, full of power and compassion and action energy. Then she happily dissolves into green light into our body and dissolves through our crown and completely fills us.

We think that Buddha, Tara’s body, speech, and mind, and my body, speech, and mind become the same. This is who I am. Infinite wisdom, infinite joy, infinite clarity, infinite compassion, and ability to benefit others. Feel full of this. This is my true nature.

Now you’ve become Tara, what about everybody else? Why have I become a perfectly enlightened being, so I can be of benefit to others, because we’re all in the same boat? You imagine the whole universe full of all the friends, enemies, and strangers. Objects of our attachment, objects of our aversion, and objects of our indifference.

Imagine in front of us the objects of our aversion, the people who have harmed us, the mean people, the ugly people, and to the left, our beloveds, the objects of our attachment. Just imagine them there. And then in front of us, to the right and above, to the sides, below, everywhere, filling the universe are all the objects of our indifference, all the strangers, friends, enemies, and strangers.

There’s no fourth category. All living beings, imagine the whole of space full.

Now you imagine that every one of them, equally, wants to be happy and doesn’t want to suffer. From your heart, imagine you send out trillions of tiny green Tara’s that enter into the hearts of the enemies and the friends and the strangers. Everyone throughout the universe, above you, behind you, below you, in front of you, trillions of little green Tara’s.

You take away all their suffering, imagine all their suffering disappears, and everyone gets exactly what they want, happiness. Then you turn them all into Tara, trillions and trillions of little green Taras, they all turn into Tara, suffering gone, happiness, and compassion achieved.

Then we’ll sing a few mantras, her mantra, which is a sound manifestation of the same energy, just a few, and imagine even the sound going out and blessing all these trillions of beings.

Om tare tuttare ture soha.

Now you imagine all these trillions of green Tara’s all over the universe, all dissolving to you from all directions and enhancing even more brilliantly your compassion, wisdom, action energy, capacity to benefit to yourself and others. All of them dissolve into you.


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