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Video: Science & Wisdom LIVE — An Interview With Neuroscientist Dr. Elena Antonova

Podcast host Scott Snibbe interviews Dr Elena Antonova for Science & Wisdom LIVE

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“Contemplative practice could educate science, bring it out of scientism and back to its essence. A lot of scientists would benefit from this training of staying with the question and not jumping straight to an answer.”  – Dr. Elena Antonova

How can meditation and scientific research help us to better understand the nature of our minds? What is the relationship between consciousness and the brain? Is the deep-rooted belief that “we are our brains” a scientific truth, or just a reductionist assumption?

In this ‘Meet the Speaker’ interview with Scott Snibbe for Science & Wisdom LIVEDr. Elena Antonova shares some of the key events that led her to become an academic researcher in the field of contemplative neurosciences. She also discusses how her research on mindfulness and meditation is strongly informed by her own practice and experiences, and how contemplative practices can rescue science from the limitations of reductionist views.

On the 11th of November, 2020, Dr. Elena Antonova joined Geshe Tenzin NamdakFather Laurence Freeman and Dr. Wendy Hasenkamp in a Science & Wisdom Live dialogue moderated by Scott Snibbe on how scientific research and meditation techniques can help us to deal with destructive emotions in these challenging times.


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