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Welcome to A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment Guided Meditation Library.

This list includes all different types of meditations:

  • Mindfulness meditations that help you arrive in the present moment with calmness and clarity
  • Analytical meditations that use thoughts and emotions to explore the very nature of the mind and reality itself
  • Meditations on compassion and loving-kindness that help you develop inner peace through generating love and good-will towards yourself and others. 

Short 10-minute meditations can provide stress relief and self-care for mental health, while longer meditations of 20 minutes or more may assist your deeper search to wake up. Explore all the different types of meditation to truly experience all the benefits of meditation. 

Click on the links to jump to any particular meditation on this page. Or scroll through all our meditations below.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or favorites. These are all free guided meditations, open to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

10 Minute Guided Meditations

20 Minute Guided Meditations

30 Minute Guided Meditations

40 Minute Guided Meditations

10 Minute Guided Meditations

Five Breaths Meditation

This is a special guided meditation that Dr. Rick Hanson has recently developed based on neuroscientific principles that he calls Five Breaths. Dr. Hanson talked about this meditation in his interview with us. And in this episode he guides you through it. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/49-rick-hanson-five-breaths-meditation/

Relax the Mind

Tibetan Buddhist Lama Dza Kilung Rinpoche leads a 10 minute meditation to relax into the vast spaciousness of our heart and mind: Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/relax-the-mind-meditation-dza-kilung-rinpoche/

Mindfulness of Body Meditation

A 10 minute guided meditation on the body, relaxing into the open connection between body and mind through mindful awareness. Body scan meditations are a very popular form of meditation. 10-Minute Body Meditation

Meditation to Calm the Mind

Meditation has the power to calm your body and mind. Here’s a helpful guide on how just 10 minutes a day can improve your well-being and inner peace, countering stress and anxiety and improving health and happiness. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/blog/a-guided-10-minute-meditation-to-calm-the-mind/

10-Minute Breath Meditation

A 10 minute guided meditation on the breath with mindfulness and open awareness. This an excellent foundation for a daily meditation practice. Read more: 10-Minute Breath Meditation

Just Like a Mountain Meditation

Practice meditation with a 10 minute visualization meditation using guided imagery for mindful, nonjudgmental acceptance of change by Theo Koffler, founder of Mindfulness without Borders and wonderful mindfulness teacher. Read more

Meditation on Love

A 10-Minute guided meditation on love shows us how to expand our love for our partner and family to a loving-kindness that embraces all beings. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/blog/10-minute-meditation-on-love/


A short guided meditation on loving-kindness and compassion by Tibetan Buddhist lama, author, and abstract painter Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/55-dzigar-kongtrul-rinpoche-meditation/

Tonglen Meditation

Tonglen is a meditation practice that combines meditating on loving-kindness with meditating on compassion to release our own pain, suffering, and loneliness. In translation, tonglen practice can be called “taking and giving” or “exchanging self with other.” Tonglen is one of the “mind training” techniques from Tibetan Buddhism that reverse our ordinary state of mind of selfishly seeking happiness and pleasure for ourselves and those close to us. Instead, we willingly open ourselves to the suffering of others. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/30-guided-tonglen-meditation/

Sleep Meditation

The Tibetan Buddhist analytic meditation tradition offers sleep meditations that don’t ignore our day, but help us to actively process it. These meditation practices help us let go of the experiences we regret and rejoice in the good we did during the day. These deep sleep meditations help us not only fall asleep fast, but train the mind toward becoming a better human being. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/blog/guided-meditation-for-better-sleep/

20 Minute Guided Meditations

Open Awareness

Scott Tusa leads a guided meditation on open awareness, allowing feelings and thoughts to arise in our body and mind without fixation or judgment. Read More: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/62-scott-tusa-meditation/

The Preciousness of Life

A guided meditation on the preciousness of our next 24 hours alive and our unique place in the universe as science understands it: intelligent, self-aware beings at the end of 14 billion years’ cosmic and biological evolution. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-5-guided-meditation-the-preciousness-of-life/

Embracing Impermanence

A guided meditation on impermanence that helps us release fear and anxiety to embrace the constant change at every scale of reality: from particles, possessions, homes, and the environment, to our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, and relationships. When we embrace impermanence, we more easily take on challenges. We become more fully present to those around us and we can even more deeply appreciate life’s impermanent pleasures. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-10-guided-meditation-embracing-impermanence/

The Interdependent Nature of Reality

Meditating on the interdependent nature of reality, or emptiness, breaks down the illusion of independent, partless, and unchanging objects; instead we observe their parts, causes, and our mind that wraps these with a label like phone, home, or our delicious dinner: Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/20-minute-meditation-on-the-interdependent-nature-of-reality/

Natural Goodness of our Mind

“The Buddha said don’t run away from suffering. But face it, look at it, deal with it. And understand that it is a reality, but it’s not something permanent. It’s not something that’s going to be there forever. There is a way to be free of suffering.” Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-36-guided-meditation-the-natural-goodness-of-our-mind-ven-sangye-khadro-kathleen-mcdonald/


A guided meditation on “Universalizing,” a Tibetan Buddhist mind training technique for transforming our everyday problems and pleasures through love and compassion. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-32-guided-meditation-universalizing-our-problems-and-joys/

Compassion Meditation

A 15-minute guided meditation on compassion: the wish to take away others’ suffering. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-29-guided-compassion-meditation

Mental Cause and Effect

A meditation practice of self reflection, taking control of the mental cause and effect that’s normally unconscious: the habits and activities conditioned by evolution, our upbringing, society and the media. This is a practice you can do at the end of each day: reviewing your day, rejoicing in the positive, and finding ways to sincerely forgive yourself for anything that you regret, so you can sleep better and be your best self the next day. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-12-guided-meditation-mental-cause-and-effect/

30 Minute Guided Meditations

Stabilizing the Mind Meditation

A complete meditation session including posture, motivation, expanding one’s compassion, stabilized concentration on the breath, an analytic meditation observing one’s thoughts, and dedication. Read more: Stabilizing the Mind and Watching Thoughts

Simple Meditation on the Mind and Kindness

The Dalai Lama recommends this morning meditation: meditating on the nature of the mind, followed by meditating on the kindness of others. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/24-dalai-lama-simple-meditation/

Analytical Meditation on Four Kinds of Happiness

A meditation on the four levels of happiness in Buddhism. Investigate the varying depths of happiness you get from sensory pleasures, positive states of mind, meditation, and the very nature of reality. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/guided-meditation-four-levels-of-happiness-in-buddhism/

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Take an expansive tour through the four foundations of mindfulness in this sweeping guided meditation with Dr. David Kittay: mindfulness of body, feelings, mind, and mental objects. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/guided-meditation-four-foundations-mindfulness/

How Things Exist

Objects around us ordinarily appear as if they are solid, singular, and separate from us. However, both science and the Buddhist understanding of reality show us that as we examine things more closely, things exist far more subtly and richly than they appear. This meditation focuses on an object most of us have strong feelings toward—our smartphone—breaking it apart into its myriad parts, and giving us a meditative glimpse of how it truly exists. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/38-guided-meditation-how-things-exist/

What is the Mind?

This guided meditation takes us through different ways of observing the mind, first examining its ever-present parts: perception, feeling, will, and awareness. Then we explore the nature of subjective reality itself by asking what is the mind without thoughts? Where is the space of our consciousness? And, how finely can we slice moments of consciousness? Do we ever arrive at a quantum of consciousness? Read more: Guided Meditation: What Is the Mind?

Alone Together

Millions are now faced with enforced solitude, while others, in the crush of families together all day, realize how much we needed that time alone we took for granted. The essence of meditation is getting to know yourself alone, without social stimulus, entertainment, or reputation—what we truly are deep inside ourselves. There, we can find in our mind a place of satisfaction that’s equally at ease when we’re alone or when we’re with others. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-13-guided-meditation-alone-together/

40 Minute Guided Meditations

7 Steps to Compassion

Buddhist monk Ven. Gyalten Lekden guides a Seven-Fold Cause and Effect Meditation to develop compassion and Bodhicitta (the mind of awakening). Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/guided-meditation-compassion-ven-gyalten-lekden/

Analytical Meditation on the Stages of the Path

A guided analytical meditation through Skeptic’s Path meditations, inspired by Tibetan Buddhism’s Lamrim Stages of the Path. Each meditation is part of an adventure for the mind to bring about inner joy and purpose considering Life’s PreciousnessImpermanenceCause & EffectRefugeSuffering, and Renunciation. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/episode-19-the-adventure-so-far/

The Interdependent Self

Who am I? It’s a question we all ask ourselves every now and then. Trying to answer this question, even on the ordinary level, isn’t just intellectually interesting, but it can help us become more self-aware and improve our relationships with others. From the Buddhist perspective, there’s a specific, systematic way of asking this question of who you are in the form of a meditation on the ultimate nature of the self. This meditation is said to be the strongest antidote to our disturbing states of mind. Read more: https://www.skepticspath.org/podcast/43-the-interdependent-self/

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